Tuesday, August 9, 2011


-        Attending and participating in various national, and international trade             fairs, workshops, training conferences, involvement in Government delegations, etc. for example, the delegation of President Benjamin Mkapa to Sweden and the USA in 2002

-        TAWOMA has lobbied and succeeded, in securing primary prospecting licenses, and prospecting rights for its members, from the Government.

-        TAWOMA has initiated workshops to facilitate mining communities at grassroots level, for poverty alleviation, and/or eradication, and raising HIV/AIDS awareness in society.  In this respect TAWOMA members have been facilitated in HIV/AIDS peer education.

-        TAWOMA in collaboration with other Institutions, has facilitated training skills, as well as education to its members, especially group development and recruitment, basic organizational  development for its members, introduction to mineral identification and gemology, poverty analysis and reduction, environmental and technological sensitization, including child labour elimination.

-        Identification of market links, for gemstones, to foreign markets.  For example, JapanIndiaUSAKenyaSouth AfricaChinaCanadaThailand, and Italy.

-        TAWOMA, was chosen as a model Association, and participated in a ten day Trade Finance Clinic, facilitated by the World Bank Washington in July 2005.

-        Participated in the Dar Es Salaam International Trade Fair, Exhibition Stockholm Sweden, Xiamen China and USA, Italy, United Kingdom, Dubai and are participating every year at Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair.

-         TAWOMA, since 2004, has been lobbying for recognition of a Miners day to the government and TAWOMA is staging the lobbying platform on every 5th May, of each year for the purpose.

-         TAWOMA through our members are creating favourable environment for relationships BETWEEN SMALL AND LARGE-SCALE MINERS.

-         Some of our members have attended several seminars, courses training on:

i)                  Entrepreneurship
ii)               Identification of Minerals
iii)            Health
iv)            Environment
v)               Use of mercury
vi)            Management

Trainings were organized by Ministry of Minerals, SEAMIC, UNIDO, SIDO, World Bank, SME Competitive Facility, IFC and DFID.

d)               Women Miners have participated in various International Meetings e.g. China, USA, Kenya, Madagascar , Mongolia, Philipin ,and  Mozambique.

e)                We have formed different Entrepreneurship Groups as well as SACCOS which are very active in helping   Women Miners eg. Mirerani.

f)                 TAWOMA is a founder member Association of Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC) which is mobilizing all women entrepreneurs all over the country.

g)                TAWOMA is the heart of networking among all women miners regarding areas of minerals and mining in looking for Investors, Marketing in the country and oversea, and Trading in general.

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